Cake and a Coffee

Cake and a Coffee
One of the most amazing sights in coffee houses in Germany is the incredible array of cakes and pastries. Apfelkucehn, strudels and decadent creations with local berries in profusion. Desert is sold by the slice and the portions are generous. Bring your appetite. Read more

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The Well Travelled Cup

The Well Travelled Cup
Having arrived on an overnight flight from Canada to the Czech Republic (PRG), we transferred to our hotel in the heart of Prague Old Town. Close to the Town Square, Old Jewish Quarter, and the Charles Bridge, the coffee adventure was to begin. Read more

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Decaf & Decaf!

Decaf & Decaf!
Any one concerned about their health and about what goes into their body should stop and think about decaf coffee. Why? Decaf may not be as good a choice as you think. Aside from the jitters we get when we have too much caffeine coffee is pretty innocuous when it comes to the human body. In fact many studies have demonstrated that regular coffee actually has abundant health benefits. So why decaf? It lets you drink more of your favorite beverage without the buzz. It won’t harm your baby if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. It lets you sleep at night however it can really mess you up Read more

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Time to Recognize Mom!

Time to Recognize Mom!
It’s Mothers Day this weekend and time to think about what mom really wants. I’m sure it has little to do with expensive gifts and sentimental cards. Mom already has what she really loves and that is you. All that aside, many of us want to honor mom in a way that affirms her special role in our lives. Read more

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Three ‘Foreign’ Ways to Drink your Morning Coffee

Three ‘Foreign’ Ways to Drink your Morning Coffee
Having been fortunate to travel to a variety of International locations, I have witnessed an incredible array of coffee drinking traditions. Needless to say, the Canadian tradition of slowly making your way out of bed and brewing your perfect JavaMoose coffee is always top of mind, but here are three different ways to enjoy the brew: Read more

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3 Steps to Fresher Coffee

3 Steps to Fresher Coffee
Fresh coffee is what it is all about. Coffee begins to stale immediately after roasting and it is best brewed and enjoyed within a couple of weeks after roasting. The key is to buy fresh coffee frequently and use it within a week of so after. Read more

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Three Great Things about a French Press

Sunday morning? In my life, it's the day to de-stress. I sleep until 6:00am. Crushie (yes, my dog) is not overly happy with this routine as it interferes with her walk around the block at 4:30am the rest of the week. Too Bad! I enjoy those extra few hours before I hop in the car and make my way to the stores. Life of the local coffee guy... Read more

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Coffee in Giza

A few years ago before the Arab Spring and the end of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, we took our nephew Kaj to “the Mother of all nations” or Om el donia. We flew into Egypt and landed in Cairo at a newly completed terminal in the middle of the sun-drenched desert. Read more

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Used Coffee Grinds?

What can you do with all those used coffee grounds? Don’t throw them out. Used coffee grounds, the things that usually get tossed in the garbage bin just after you have had your first cup of inspiration are valuable in several ways. Unlike other lists I have read, this one is Randy Tested for actual usefulness in as much as I have done all these things and they actually work. So here are four things you can easily do to get rid of your coffee grounds in an environmentally friendly way. Read more

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Making an EXPRESS Drive-Thru

We have had a difficult time deciding how our Express Espresso Drive-Thru will operate: should we have the full offering of JavaMoose products including sandwiches, specialty drinks, smoothies, cakes & treats? Or, should we make it fast and speedy so we don't alienate the car behind the car that orders 10 breakfast sandwiches, 9 Nutella Mocha Dreams, 8 double-soy-half-capp-mocha-latte and.................a partridge in a pear tree, too? Read more

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Coffee Elves land in NB

One of the things I do in my “spare” time is package coffee, lots of coffee. We package coffee in increments ranging from 50 grams to 5 pounds for our wholesale business and for sale in our retail locations. Somebody has to get all that coffee into impermeable barrier packaging to preserve its freshness and keep it flavourful until a client is ready to use it. Read more

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Mom’s of Princess’ NEED Coffee!

Well...Easter weekend has come & gone...it started for us with a Royal Princess birthday party for my 5 year-old daughter....the things we do! Thursday, after working until 3:30, I rushed home to make homemade cupcakes (Because doesn't EVERY 5 year-old notice if her mother doesn't supply HOMEMADE cupcakes?!?!?) Read more

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An Estate Blend?

On the way to an appointment with my family doctor today I had a great idea. Since it's Easter, I decided to bring him a gift of a dark roasted Estate coffee he really likes. It occurred to me that we never blend Estate coffees. We don’t because the Estate coffees we source are by nature incredible on their own. Estate coffees naturally come from one particular farm and vary in quality from crop to crop, year to year. Read more

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Flavoured Coffee

Everyday at World Headquarters we roast a tremendous number of beans. If you counted all the beans, one by one, we would roast close to 1,770,000 beans daily. That's a lot of beans! Bean counters? NO! Bean Artists? Indeed! Read more

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Arabica Beans or Robusta?

Every two weeks, three tonnes or several pallets of green coffee bean arrive at JavaMoose World Headquarters. Our headquarters is a 1500sq.ft. warehouse & roasting facility on the east side of Saint John. Nothing fancy. Believe me, nothing fancy! Read more

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Are We There Yet?

I am one of the fortunate people that really, really likes to travel!...anywhere and everywhere. Bring on the adventure! Every summer, my family would pack up the brown wood grain station wagon and head out on a road-trip hunting for adventure. Read more

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Coffee and Kids! A Mom’s Perspective

What to blog about?? I feel like a fish out of water...(as I echo Randy's sentiments!) Do I talk about my family, do I talk about my work family, do I talk about the volunteer boards I sit on, do I talk about the course I am starting to further my education or do I talk about how coffee plays a role in all facets of my life...you know, just to stay awake???? Read more

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A funny thing happened on the way….

A funny thing happened on the way to work last week. Glen’s iPhone kept going off. The sound was a kind of chirp that indicated someone, somewhere, had just entered the Java Moose website. I was relieved that he had replaced the original notification sound with a chirp rather than the previous ships foghorn sound. You see, the sound is rather annoying, especially at 4:30 am when we leave for work. I began to wonder, as the frequency of the chirps increased, what people were doing up at 4:30am going to the website (making JavaMoose coffee I hope.) I can only assume that lots of people are… Read more

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Drive Thru News

Our store on Clark Road in Rothesay opened over a year ago. At the time, we anticipated we would open a drive-thru so we could competantly serve harried commuters, moms with kids, and people with dogs sleeping in the back seat. Our drive-thru would offer speed and convenience. Read more

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It’s Easter Dinner!

I’ve always loved Easter. It’s so much fun! Hunting for chocolate Easter eggs was the cause ‘du jour’ every Easter Sunday (after Church…of course). This Easter season we will have people over for a turkey or ham dinner. The scallop potato is always amazing. And Crushie (my dog) loves the ham...and the turkey…and the scallop potato, and the dressing-not so fussy about the Brussels sprouts. It is unfortunate that Crushie doesn’t drink coffee. She would love that too! Read more

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Unlike now, as a teenager, coffee was not a basic dietary staple in my day to day existence. My earliest recollections of the brown nectar were of my Mom and Dad simply boiling the calcified kettle and adding a funny granulated instant powder to a cup. They would read the newspaper and slowly drink the science experiment they called Nescafe. Read more

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Randy & Pie!

I made this desert for Valentines Day but it would be great Easter treat. I might make it again but treats are generally taboo in our house, especially ones that use processed foods. But a treat is a treat and that means rules can be broken especially when they taste as good as this and contain coffee. This recipe is really easy and takes almost no time to make. Let me know how yours turns out. If you like it I’ll blog out some more recipes. Read more

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Randy’s First Blog

Randy’s First Blog
Well here it is my first BLOG installment. I am a little nervous as I have never done this before but we at Java Moose are adopting technology at a fast and furious pace. We are trying to stay in touch with our customers and employees using social networking and trying to bring a little better understanding of our company to you, the person reading this. As I move forward I hope you will take the time to offer your input and suggestions and ADVICE. Let’s face it I am not a technologically saavy guy. My idea of technology is a wall mounted rotary dial telephone, which I just saw online but… Read more

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