Dusty Backpacker Blend (454 g)
What is Adventure?
There’s a unique blend of exhilaration, hope, and wonder that fills your heart that first time you pack your bag, Jack Kerouac style, to go on that first real journey into the world. You’ve traveled with your family, maybe, but this time you’re on your own … Your eyes are wide and you’re ready to drink it all in: c’mon world, show me your secrets, sing me your songs, tell me your stories, and thrill me!
Our second coffee roasted for our Adventure Collection is all that and more. Dusty Backpacker is a medium Full City Roast that’s been crafted to envelop you with that need to explore and experience, to learn and to live – to be, once again, packing that bag and taking that very first journey of discovery. So, pick up a pound and get ready to hit the road – adventure awaits, in the world and in your cup. Real coffee for the adventurer in all of us. Handcrafted, blended and roasted from the exotic Arabicas of East Africa & South America.