Partners Glen McLean and Randy Pedersen loved coffee at first sip – it quickly became a passion for the both of them and, though they didn’t realize it at the time, was the start of something very special. It didn’t take long to learn that the best coffee is crafted, in small batches, and needed to be nurtured to perfection by true coffee lovers. It should not come off a cold, corporate assembly line.

So, in 1996, they let their passions guide them and they began small-batch roasting fine Arabica coffees. They opened a 196 sq/ft Kiosk in McAllister Place Shopping Center in Saint John, N.B., Canada. The JavaMoose adventure had begun!

Coffee needs to be done right and Glen and Randy knew this from day one. They sought out the best coffee beans from around the Globe and some of the most advanced roasting equipment available. (Thank you Diedrich Roasters, your 100-years of experience has paid off!) They poured passion, time, and an incredible amount of soul into the business. And they learned it well.

Today, JavaMoose World Headquarters is a 2,500-square-foot roasting facility – it’s the best smelling place on Earth! We have four cafes along the Bay of Fundy shore in Southern New Brunswick – three in the Loyalist City of Saint John (also known as #SaintAwesome) and a fourth in the quiet suburb of Rothesay. And our bulk coffee, fractional packages, and recyclable single-use pods pop up in all sorts of offices, public institutions, and restaurants. You’re probably drinking a cup right now.

The JavaMoose team is now 40 strong, all passionate and all dedicated to providing our Guests, Industry Partners, and indeed the World with a truly wonderful coffee experience. Our cafés are relaxing and contemporary – great to quietly read a book, have an impromptu business meeting, or just simply sit and chat with friends over a coffee before heading out on your own adventures.

Our coffees are memorable and stellar. Our exotics are carefully sourced from around the Globe and roasted to perfection, making sure the individual character of each bean is highlighted and lovingly coaxed out. Our Blends are personally created by Glen and Randy, who are perpetually discussing, cupping, and coming up with new and exciting combinations – they truly love their work (and are wide awake). Our flavoured coffees are legendary because they are the result not of a recipe book but of listening to our Guests, hearing what they like and what they want, then working long into the night to bring it to the table. (Good thing there’s always a fresh pot of coffee close at hand.) And if your tastes run toward the deep richness of a Dark Roast coffee, well ours are simply amazing.

And the adventure continues. We continue to have fun with a product that we truly love. We continue to do our best, to create better blends, and more creative coffee beverages. We promote our community through our cafés and our online presence. And we listen to our Guests and our Friends (who are really one and the same) and appreciate them every single time they come through our doors looking for that morning (or afternoon, or evening) hit of coffee goodness.

Drink Happy!