Wilderness Expedition Coffee (454 g)

You're always on. Your son's project is due this morning but the cereal milk had a mind of its own and his once great essay is now papier-mâché. No worries, it's handled – you backup everything to the cloud. Then the phone rings – on-call again – emergency at the office, they need you half an hour ago! Handled – your Mini Cooper doubles as a time machine (or it seems that way sometimes). And that's just two of the plates you keep spinning this morning, two of an eight-piece setting. Always handled. You never let one drop, and the crowd is always amazed. Life is a thrill ... and you love it!

But, every so often, you need to take a moment just for you – pure, mindful, and present. A time of peace.

That's what our latest blend – Wilderness Expedition – is for. A stopped-time, aroma rich, solitary slice of the day that’s just for you. Your only companion, a smooth, full city roast coffee that’s been specifically blended to slow it all down and quiet the world. It’s just you (okay, maybe the dog is invited – he’s too big to argue with), your coffee, and the time to linger and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Pick up a pound today, and take a moment for yourself: you deserve it.